Welcome to APS TubeTechnique! We are a Swedish company specializing in building top class audio products.

Getting as close to reality as possible is our goal. What we do today is a fine balance between art and science – old and new. We have learned through research, and decades of personal experience, that old technology is not always obsolete.

Simplified, you can say that our goal is to make it feel as if you were at the concert, or sitting at the mixer table in the studio, when you listen to music through our products. It’s about ”being there”.

We have specialized our efforts in developing audio amplification based on vacuum tube technology because we think that “old school” tube technology creates the most life-like experience when listening to music in an audio system.

We develop, build, and test all our APS products inhouse in our factory in Sweden.

We have also reached the conclusion that quality definitely pays off. That’s why we are only using the best quality components in our products. We think that is the safest way to get the absolute best audio quality in a listening environment.

We now also sell associated equipment from other vendors that we have found works extremely well together with APS TueTechnique products. Today we also represent Lampizator (mainly DACs),KR Audio (Tubes) and Purist Audio Design cables in Sweden, and you can find information about their products and prices under respective menu choices.

Once again. Welcome!